About Us

Patrick Jorge Luindula, Born in Angola 1987, Extreme Warriors Championship President has always been a fan of combat sport, at a young age he started doing Karate in Netherlands and he fell in love with the art, he moved to South Africa in 1997 where he now resides.

He continued his combat sport in South Africa when he started competing in Muay Thai under Kru Scott Randall, he love of combat sport saw him transition to Mixed Martial Art (MMA) where he competed for several years as an amateur than turned pro 2015 where we saw him signing with Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC).

He always made it clear that his love is more in the coaching of fighters and he enjoys watching fights than competing himself.

He took his passion further when he started a MMA magazine to further more express his love for the combat world, and now a MMA promotion, his love for the sport has him doing everything possible to try and grow the sport, now Extreme Warriors Championship is a force to be reckon with in the amateur martial art world...

with 10 events a year, fighters are promised a professional platform to compete in, sanctioned by Mixed Martial Art South Africa (MMA SA) the event is safe and recognized by local sanctioning body and international bodyInternational Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), this assures international rules are followed and fighters are safe and may compete in the world stage.

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                                                                       Tell: 011 615 3204 Cell: 082 538 0818

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